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Employee Benefits

Benefits to Injured Workers

  • All claimants treated like the injured “quarterback,” the most valued person on the team
  • Each worker has their own Nurse Case Manager to help them through the workers’ comp system.
  • Employees are educated on their rights and responsibilities, including:  care access, provider choice, consequences of going out of network, obtaining 2nd opinions, and opting out.
  • Specialist appointments for urgent needs in 24 hours, non-urgent 5 business days
  • Arrangements made for testing within 24 to 48 hours (X-ray, MRI, etc.)
  • No delays in treatment (PT, OT, etc.)
  • No waiting for approvals
  • Access to providers that are experts at treating occupational injuries.

 Injured Worker Rights

  • Worker’s do have a CHOICE of network providers, but are required to seek care within network for care outside the network is considered “unauthorized” care and the employer is not responsible for medical bills
  • Injured workers may opt-out for of the WC PPO for any reason after 30 days of in network treatment. (Over 20 year history opt out rate less than 2.0%)

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