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Home Care

Medical experts know that one of the best places for people to recover after illness or injury is right in their own home. And those with chronic or long-term illness often find home care to be just what the doctor ordered.

UHS is the leading provider of home care services in the greater Binghamton community. We offer skilled nursing at home, medical equipment and supplies for the home, and long term care.

These programs deliver a wide array of home care services, including highly skilled, specialized nursing care, monitors and nutritional supplies, durable medical equipment and many therapies. Our home care providers in Binghamton and our other locations near you offer a service to meet your needs, right where you need it most.  

Services Offered

UHS is the leading provider of home care services in the Binghamton area. Our home care programs offer a wide array of services, including highly skilled, specialized nursing care, monitors and nutritional supplies, durable medical equipment and many therapies.

Of particular interest to those with heart conditions are the following:

Heart at Home — this program provides support and education in patient homes with the goal of increasing the patient’s knowledge of the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure, thereby allowing early intervention to avoid hospital readmissions.

Home Telemonitoring — this home monitoring system enables a nurse to keep an eye on a patient’s vital signs from miles away. Monitors measure the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, oxygen saturation level, and temperature, and then transmit this information to registered nurses at Twin Tier Home Health with a push of a button. Nurses then review the patient data and respond to any change that might indicate the patient’s condition is deteriorating or not progressing as anticipated.

Home Emergency Alarm Response system — Project HEAR (home emergency alarm response) provides emergency help with the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a patient’s home telephone. If help is needed, simply press the button on the activator. Within seconds, an emergency response operator will speak to you and immediately dispatch appropriate emergency aid.

Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy — If a non-invasive ventilation machine has been prescribed for you, our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Respiratory Therapist will come to your home to teach you and your family member how to correctly use the equipment.

Specialized care in your home — UHS provides a wide variety of nursing services; physical, occupational and speech therapy and rehabilitation; education about nutrition and disease management; medical social services; and home health aide services.

Why Choose UHS Home Care

There are many reasons you should choose UHS Home Care. Our qualifications are just the start:

  • We’re accredited by the New York State Department of Health 
  • We’re recognized by Medicare to meet the home medical equipment needs of seniors
  • We meet all 30 Medicare Supplier Standards
  • We’ve been providing medical products and services to the community for 20 years
  • Our highly qualified staff in Binghamton includes physical therapists,  includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapist, occupational therapists, speech therapists and home health aids.
  • We’re accredited by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation
UHS Home Care Rehab at Home

For a variety of reasons, some patients opt to recuperate at home. That’s why UHS Home Care developed its Rehab at Home program.

The cornerstone of Rehab at Home is our expert clinical team in Binghamton that includes physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists; certified rehabilitation nurses; nurses certified in wound, ostomy and continence care; medical social workers; physicians; and other specialists. Our team works closely with patients, their family, and their physician to establish functional goals and an individualized plan of care to improve independence.

The Rehab at Home staff in Binghamton is experienced with the most complex patient care needs, including:

  • Stroke
  • Complex orthopedic cases
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Post trauma

Our focus is on providing compassionate and dependable care that is sensitive to the needs of our patients and their family. Our Binghamton rehabilitation services rank in the top quartile nationally for patient satisfaction.

UHS Home Care Heart at Home

Heart at Home is a cardiac disease management program designed to optimize your health and decrease the likelihood you’ll be readmitted to the hospital. Developed by UHS Home Care, Heart at Home educates, equips and empowers you so you can manage your heart condition at home and feel
and function as well as possible.

In conjunction with your physician, a registered nurse will coordinate your Heart at Home care team, which may include a physical and/or occupational therapist, a dietitian and a social worker. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will visit you in your home.

This enables us to:

  • identify and eliminate risk factors
  • review your medications
  • spend one-on-one time with you to understand your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits and offer suggestions or modifications to help you manage your heart condition
  • utilize telemonitoring equipment to closely track your vital signs
  • educate you on what you can do after you are discharged from this program to maintain your heart health

Are you a candidate? Most Heart at Home patients have a diagnosis of hypertension, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, angina, congestive heart failure or have recently had a cardiac  procedure or surgery.  UHS also offers a Cardiac Rehabilitation program at UHS Binghamton General Hospital.

You take control
What you’ll learn about cardiac disease and lifestyle, diet and exercise modifications will help you maintain your independence and gain control of your health.

To learn more about Heart at Home, call 607-763-5600 or 800-295-2212

Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy

If a non-invasive ventilation machine has been prescribed for you, our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Respiratory Therapist will come to your home to teach you and your family member how to correctly use the equipment.

Our Binghamton ventilation therapist will visit you at home for five consecutive days to review the equipment and ensure that you and your family caregiver understand how to use it.  This includes knowing how the device is designed to help you breathe, getting a proper fit with the mask and learning what to do if an alarm sounds on the machine.  After the review period, the therapist will follow up with additional visits or calls.

Using the non-invasive ventilation device properly will allow you to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions, live as safely and comfortably as possible and feel better for a longer period of time.

Non-Invasive Ventilation Can Enable You to Breathe Easier

If you have been diagnosed with chronic respiratory failure as a result of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, a severe neuromuscular disorder or a severe restrictive thoracic disorder, UHS Home Care’s Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy can help.

The goal of this form of at-home therapy instruction is to improve your understanding of the machine and make it easier for your lungs to work.  With the proper use of the equipment, you can enjoy greater independence with activities of daily living and potentially reduce the likelihood that you will be hospitalized for a breathing-related episode.

Here’s how Non-Invasive Ventilation Therapy, under the guidance of our Binghamton UHS Home Care Respiratory Therapist, can enhance your quality of life:

  • Decrease the work of breathing and the burden on respiratory muscles
  • Improve nighttime sleep quality
  • Reduce daytime sleepiness and morning headaches
  • Maintain or improve oxygen/carbon dioxide levels in the blood

For information, talk with your provider or call:

UHS Home Care Respiratory Line: (607) 763-5616, Extension 43207

Home Care Medical Supplies

UHS Home Care has highly qualified professionals who provide extraordinary care for people with home health needs. We are committed to improving each patient’s quality of life and helping them recuperate in familiar surroundings while maintaining their independence and peace of mind. 

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