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Quality Counts – A commitment to our patients and our community

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When you are choosing health care services, you want to know that your health care will be high quality. At UHS at all of our New York facilities, that is our goal, too. 

At UHS, we have a clear guiding principle: everyone who works within the organization is part of the medical team, and the patient is at the center of the care we provide. It may sound like a rather obvious position for a health care provider to take, but this golden rule is a constant reminder to everyone at UHS that every action we take must reflect this priority.

Quality counts when it comes to how we provide care.  It is reflected in how we interact with our patients, how our medical professionals act together as a team to take care of our patients and how we respond overall to the healthcare needs in the communities we serve.

As an organization focused on quality, New York UHS tracks specific quality and patient safety measures and compares them to our own performance goals. We constantly strive to maintain and improve the care we offer to our patients as we work to maintain and improve the health of residents in our local communities. We continue to monitor and improve.

Quality Management Process
UHS in New York has an internal Quality Management process throughout the organization to ensure that we are always putting patients first. The process is collaborative and systematic. It focuses on supporting our promise to the people we serve that we will listen, we will show respect and we will give hope. Our Quality Management program is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to assessing and improving the quality of care and services provided at each organization. It is developed, implemented and maintained to guide our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) activities. The program uses evidence-based clinical practices to achieve a culture of “best practices,” ensuring patients optimal, appropriate care in the safest environment. In addition, we continuously survey our patients to determine their satisfaction with the care we provide and to learn how we can improve to serve them even better.

We believe that involved and informed patients make better choices about their health care and are better able to participate in their own care. Research shows that patients who take part in decisions about their healthcare have better outcomes – and that is our goal, optimal health outcomes for our patients.

We suggest that you use this section of our web site, Quality Counts, as just one resource when you make health care decisions.  Your health care provider is a valuable resource as well.

Quality Counts demonstrates UHS’

  • Commitment to quality and protecting patient safety
  • Focus on helping you choose top quality health care
  • Dedication to accountability and ongoing improvement