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Sponsorship Requests

UHS has a mission to support the health of the community we serve. Each year, many community organizations request sponsorship support in the form of events such as dinners, runs/walks, health fairs or advertisements in programs. Those requests that fit within the mission, vision, values, and community benefit objectives of the hospital and those that measurably improve the community health and quality of life will be given the highest priority for consideration.  

UHS allows a budgeted dollar amount for charitable donations and sponsorships each year. Every effort will be made to identify the greatest opportunity for positively affecting the health and wellness of the community we serve, and we regret that we cannot approve all requests. UHS utilizes an online application process. We ask that you look at your needs as one comprehensive request as UHS will accept one request for each organization per fiscal year.  Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Community Relations Department and an assigned committee.

Sponsorship guidelines and limitations
  • All requests must be received via the online sponsorship form.
  • Sponsorship and charitable contribution considerations are specific to the counties served by UHS.
  • Funding is considered for tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. 
  • Funding will be limited to one time per fiscal year (January 1 – December 31) for each organization.

Consideration for sponsorships will be dependent on the following:

  1. Support of major clinical programs such as heart, cancer, neurosciences, behavioral health, orthopedics, women’s health, primary care, etc.  
  2. Health and wellness that leads to community benefit.
  3. Support our management team’s community involvement.  Our leaders serve on community boards of directors that benefit our organization and community.  
  4. The requesting organization must be a non-profit with tax exempt status, in good standing.

If the organization/event meets the above criteria, it must answer “yes” to at least one of the questions below. Preference will be given to those requests where the answer is “yes” to more than just one question.

  1. Does the community organization and event/activity seek to address a community healthcare need?
  2. Will the sponsorship request provide UHS with an opportunity to communicate our message – whether it is marketing or health-related?
  3. Will the sponsorship request provide UHS with an opportunity to market/promote key services?
  4. Will the sponsorship enhance the quality of life in the greater Binghamton area?

If this minimum requirement is met, then the following guidelines will be used to help further determine how to allocate limited sponsorship dollars:

  • The event/activity provides good promotional value for the dollars invested.
  • The event/activity reaches a desirable target audience in our service area, such as consumers, physicians, potential donors, or community and government leaders.
  • Participation in the event will leave a good impression within the community.
  • There is an opportunity for on-site involvement at the event including:
    • Opportunity for UHS leadership to be present and interact with community leaders, donors or other stakeholders.
    • Opportunity for the appropriate service line area or content experts to staff an informational table, provide an interactive activity such as a screening, or provide an educational talk.

Please note: UHS cannot support employees’ or other individuals’ participation in a fundraising event or activity.

All requests for support will be referred to the UHS Community Relations Department. 

Sponsorship Request Form