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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees  in the contemporary workplace struggle with increased demands to do more with less, at home and at work. Everyone faces challenges in balancing their work, home, and personal life. An Employee Assistance Program is designed to help employees and their family members deal effectively with everyday issues that may impact your overall health and wellness. UHS has committed to offer an exceptional EAP program to all employees and their families and their families to help guide them on their health and wellness journey.

UHS has partnered with NexGenEAP+ to address your total well-being by providing barrier-free access to mental health and virtual life services. NexGenEAP+ is offered to you and your eligible family members at no additional cost. Your information and identity is kept completely confidential. Exceptions only occur when members are at risk of harming themselves or others or when the welfare of a child is in question.

Phone: 1-800-327-2255 OR 607-763-6474
Website: https://www.nexgeneap.com/loginv2
Company ID: 9822
Mobile App: NexGenEAP


NexGenEAP+ offers a suite of health and wellness services. Click on the tabs to learn more about each individual service. 

Life Coaching & Counseling
  • Get support for any wellness need from stress to anxiety, meditation, career development, relationships, and much more by connecting with a Life Service Navigator through NexGen EAP+ web portal or mobile app. Life Coaches are available via phone, web, text, and chat.


  • 30-min legal consultations can be used to address issues such as divorce, custody disputes, and wills. Discounted legal fees are also available if a longer consultation is required.
  • 90-minute financial consultations can provide assistance with topics such as debt management, credit issues, and budgeting. ID theft resources are also available.
Child and/or elder care resources
  • Get assistance finding a pediatrician, babysitter, daycare, summer camps, sports lessons, music lessons, college applications, and financial aid for your children.
  • Eldercare resources include help with housing options, assisted living facilities, Medicare, doctors, financial planning, and transportation.
Health Advocacy
  • Health advocates are available to provide benefits information and assistance in navigating your health plan. They can also assist with healthcare claims, appeals management, billing assistance, and prescription costs.
Individualized Wellness resources
  • Submit a wellness request, schedule a call with a Wellness Coach, or receive individualized wellness tools and resources.
Virtual Concierge
  • Features dedicated personal assistants to provide you with research, referrals, or information on just about any topic including travel information, event planning, relocation, dining, entertainment, and more.
Mindfulness Training by Self by Design
  • In partnership with Self By Design, learn how to build mental resilience, cognitive skills, and emotional regulation through quarterly live masterclasses. Additional resources are available through their expansive video content library.
Self-Guided Mental Health Resources
  • Using assessments and Life Event Technology, our easy-to-use mobile app will connect you to thousands of wellness resources including, podcasts, articles, assessments, videos, activities and so much more.
Barrier-Free Accessibility
  • Effortlessly schedule an appointment with a counselor or coach, and get connected to the full suite of your Virtual Life Services right from your computer or phone. You can also submit requests directly to your personal assistant. 
Employee FAQs

What kinds of problems can the EAP help with?

Employees and their family members call with a wide variety of personal, work or family issues. Examples include job burnout, co-worker conflict, substance abuse, depression, marital stress, anxiety, parent-child conflict, life transitions, unresolved grief, single parenting, domestic violence/abuse, situational conflict, relationship issues, dependent care issues, and issues with a legal, financial or medical basis.

What is the EAP's definition of an eligible family member?

Eligibility includes all family members living in the same household, regardless of age, including domestic partners and children away at college.

When I call the EAP, will I be able to talk to a person, or will I just get voice mail?

You will get a live person - a member of the NexGenEAP staff - who can answer your questions or guide you in setting up an appointment.  Someone is available to take your call any time of the day or night.  The EAP's normal business hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and it's best to make non-emergency calls during these times.  A licensed counselor is available for emergencies, around the clock, but may require a call back.

How long does it take to get an appointment? 

If you have an urgent need, you may be offered a same day appointment or be referred to Emergency Mental Health Services at Binghamton General Hospital. All other appointments will be scheduled within a few business days. You may also access virtual mental health services through the NexGenEAP+ mobile application. 

Is my involvement with the EAP confidential?

Yes, this service is confidential. All employees and their family members are afforded the maximum confidentiality permitted under state and federal laws. The only exceptions to confidentiality include child/elder abuse, danger to self/others and releases signed by the employee/family member allowing EAP to communicate with the employer or other persons. (Normally, employees/family members sign a release only under special circumstances - for example, if there is a work performance problem and attending counseling is a condition of continued employment).

What happens if I need more than the number of visits allowed by my company's plan?

The EAP counselors are trained in short-term treatment, up to eight sessions, and often the sessions provided are enough to stabilize and resolve the issue. If more than eight sessions are necessary, you may be advised to access the mental health benefits under your company's behavioral health plan. 

How much does this service cost?

The EAP is a benefit provided at no charge to you by your employer as part of the Total Rewards package.

What other types of services does the EAP provide?

In addition to the counseling service, NexGenEAP+ has many other services available including health and wellness coaching, virtual concierge, financial and legal consultations, mindfulness training, and child/elder care resources.