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Ways to Give

If you’d like to make a gift to UHS—by giving to the UHS Foundation, UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital Foundation or Enhance UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Fund—we welcome your support and thank you. We accept the following types of gifts, all of which are available for any facility that you wish to donate to.

Cash contributions may be made in the form of outright gifts or pledged over a period of time. Outright gifts of cash are some of the most valuable gifts we receive since they are immediately available and often unrestricted, permitting UHS to use them for our most immediate needs. Pledges allow donors to make gift payments over a specific time period.

Outright gifts of publicly held stock, privately held stock, government and corporate bonds or mutual fund shares are deductible from federal income tax to the extent provided by law. Some outright gifts are beneficial for both the donor and UHS as they can help diversify assets and minimize capital portfolio gains.

Personal Property
Some donors choose to give personal items that have appraised values such as jewelry or art.

Real Estate
When you make an outright gift of real property held for more than a year, you obtain an income tax charitable deduction equal to the property’s full fair market value. This deduction lets you reduce the cost of making the gift and frees cash that otherwise would have been used to pay taxes. (By donating the property to UHS, you also avoid capital gains tax on the property's appreciation.) The transfer isn't subject to the gift tax, and the gift reduces your taxable estate.

Wills and Bequests
Naming the UHS Foundation, the UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital Foundation or the Enhance UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Fund in your will is the simplest and most common type of planned gift. A gift of this kind by will or trust benefits the organization in the long term, while enabling you to retain full control of your assets during your lifetime.

Charitable Trusts and Annuities
(A charitable gift annuity lets you make a gift to UHS and receive, in turn,) guaranteed payments for life. Charitable gift annuities may be funded with cash, securities or property. Similarly, a charitable remainder trust provides you with a lifetime income and a charitable income tax deduction.

Corporate Giving
Many caring individual and corporations provide generous financial and volunteer support to UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital. Some choose to provide direct support to the program of their choice, while others sponsor events or provide in-kind support, donating items and services that may be used by UHS Chenango Memorial for fund-raising auctions, gifts and prizes.

We’re Here to Help
If you’d like to speak with a member of our foundation/fund staff, please contact us using the telephone numbers listed below. We’re also happy to work with your attorney, accountant or financial planner to help you accomplish your financial and philanthropic goals.

  • UHS Foundation (for UHS Wilson Medical Center and UHS Binghamton General Hospital): 607-762-2171
  • UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital Foundation: 607-337-4510
  • Enhance UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Fund: 607-865-2409