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UHS Sports Medicine: We’re on your Team!

Our Vision

We treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries common to all levels of athletes and the general population. At UHS Sports Medicine, we offer a comprehensive approach to evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation while also emphasizing steps you can take to prevent future injuries. We are here to keep you healthy and doing what you love, both on the field and off. We are a full service provider of orthopedic care; our team is with you every step of the way through injury, recovery, and preventive care.

Meet the team

Our Sports Medicine team consists of sports medicine doctors and specialists like Orthopedic Surgeons, Primary Care Sports Fellowship Trained Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers. Whenever indicated we work closely with our Chiropractic, Podiatry, Cardiology and Neurology colleagues.

Services We Offer

Our goal is to make your treatment as centralized, efficient, and convenient as possible. Many procedures are available on site in our office. These include X-Rays, casting, splinting, concussion care and ultrasound guided injections. Casts, as well as braces and splints from UHS Home Care, can be sized, dispensed and fit in the office. Our primary care sports medicine doctors have specialty training in ultrasound guided injections. Injections include cortisone, hyaluronic acid or ketorolac for arthritis or inflammation, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections: platelets, stem cells, and growth factors concentrated from your own blood to aid in healing.

Conditions We Treat

Rely on UHS for treatment of many conditions common among athletes, click on the thumbnails below to learn more.

Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder and elbow pain

Hand & Wrist

hand and wrist pain

Hip & Thigh

Hip pain

Knee & Lower Leg

Knee pain

Foot & Ankle

foot and ankle

Neck & Back

neck and back pain

Sports Injury Prevention



Concussion thumbnail image of brain



Outreach - Athletic Training

A full time certified Athletic Trainer working closely with a team physician reduces the risk of life-changing injuries for young athletes while also improving performance.

UHS Sports Medicine has years of experience in providing physicians and/or certified Athletic Trainers for school, team, and community sports events. Our on-site sports medicine experts play a crucial role in ensuring healthy and safe athletic activities.

Learn more about Outreach here

UHS Sports Medicine Hotline

Sports Injury?

Call an Athletic Trainer on the UHS Sports Medicine Hotline at 607-75SPORT

The majority of sports injuries do not require immediate surgery. Occasionally, an immobilizer, sling, crutches and/or x-ray are beneficial from one of our convenient area UHS Walk-In Centers. UHS Walk-In Centers closely communicate with UHS Sports Medicine to streamline access for any athletes seen. This team approach and collaboration care model makes us the destination for sports injuries. In many ways, every UHS Walk-In is an "Orthopedic Walk-In".

Even injuries that do not require same day treatment can cause stress and anxiety for athletes and their families. It can be difficult to find time for evaluation and treatments in already busy schedules. Calling or texting the UHS Sports Medicine Hotline at 607-75SPORT will get you direct access to an athletic trainer from our office Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 10pm. If calling outside of these hours, expect a return phone call the next day.

Our Athletic Trainers expedite access and will schedule an appointment with the appropriate UHS Sports Medicine specialist. This service is reserved for athletes of all levels. It is the fastest pathway to getting in front of a sports specialty trained physician.

Do I count as an athlete?

Most likely, the answer is yes! If you play any organized sport or participate in regular athletic activity you are an athlete, as are both coaches and referees. This category also includes tactical athletes (i.e. law enforcement, members of the military, EMS, and fire fighting personnel).

Concussion Center

Concussion Hotline

If you have an athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion, call our Concussion Hotline at 607-75SPORT to get an appointment with the UHS Concussion Center.

The UHS Concussion Center is the leader in concussion management in the Southern Tier. UHS provides a range of services aimed at managing concussions to get an individual back to their normal functional activities as soon as safely possible. In the past, treatment was thought to be “just rest”; today there are several proactive methods to rehabilitate a concussed individual.

Learn more about our Concussion Center here

Physical Therapy

Many of the conditions we treat benefit from physical therapy. With the appropriate treatment plan, surgery can often be avoided. In cases where surgery is necessary, post-operative physical therapy is key to a successful recovery. We work closely with all therapists in the area; prioritizing open lines of easy communication as central to an effective treatment plan.

Learn more about Physical Therapy at UHS here

Sports Performance

UHS Sports Medicine has a strong presence in area high schools. Our highly trained strength coaches educate athletes on the safe execution of workouts carefully designed to improve performance and decrease injuries. Coaches are one element of our larger UHS Sports Medicine outreach program, and are also available for individual or group classes. UHS Sports Performance coaches work to get the most out of each athlete, whether it be preventing injury, returning to action after an injury, or reaching peak performance on the field, or at work.

Learn more about Sports Performance here

Bridge Program

The UHS Bridge Program uses a multifaceted approach to regaining pre-injury wellness. Designed for clients and patients, regardless of injury, who have maximized their benefit from Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care, and are looking to BRIDGE the gap and return to the higher demands of occupational, recreational, or performance-based activities. Objective functional testing is performed to quantify and track readiness for return to sport and activity.

Learn more about the Bridge Program here


Educating ourselves, our fellow healthcare providers, and the athletic community has always been a founding principle of UHS Sports Medicine. We host SUNY Upstate medical students, UHS family medicine residents and the UHS Sports Medicine Fellow for regular rotations. Occasionally Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapy or Athletic Training students will also join us for a rotation. Ongoing learning for our entire staff is a central part of the UHS Sports Medicine philosophy.

Learn more here

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Want to request an appointment with one of our Binghamton area Sports Medicine Doctors? Click on the link below to fill out a request form or call 607-771-2220.

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Patient Resources

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Mission Statement

Read the UHS Sports Medicine mission statement here.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Lissy is an amazing surgeon. He did a wonderful job on my daughters arm. He is very friendly, informative and kind. I will recommend him to anyone I can. Thank you Dr. Lissy! We appreciate what you did!"

-Mother of a patient

"Dr. Lissy is an amazing doctor and I'm so happy I have him as my orthopedic surgeon."

-Patient of Dr. Lissy

"My experience with Dr. Gallagher's office and staff was very pleasant and thank you for fixing my leg."

-Patient of Dr. Gallagher

"I am extremely happy with Dr. Gallagher. He is a very good surgeon."

-Patient of Dr. Gallagher