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Care of your feet is very important to your overall health. If not treated properly, even simple foot ailments can limit mobility and lead to a decline in fitness. That’s why it’s important to seek care from a podiatrist, a doctor who is specially trained in caring for the feet and ankles. The professionals at UHS Podiatry are here to  help.

In addition to treating common foot ailments such as bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, corns and gait abnormalities, our podiatrists also have specialization in sports medicine, geriatrics, orthotics, diabetic wounds and reconstructive surgery.  Through regular appointments with our podiatrists, you can count on prompt examination, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems.

When you have an injury, fracture (broken bone), foreign body or foot ailment that causes pain or discomfort, we have the training and expertise you need. Our comprehensive services include prescriptive medicines, orthotic devices, therapeutic programs and surgery. We even provide you with the convenience of on-site  X-rays.

When it comes to your foot care needs, trust the experts at UHS Podiatry.

For Sports Medicine

The UHS Sports Medicine Program specializes in diagnosing and treating orthopedic and sports-related injuries, providing care on an outpatient basis. Whether you are a weekend athlete or you play competitive sports, you should rely on the expertise of trained foot care specialists who work closely with our sports medicine physicians.

Without professional treatment, an injury or infection could limit  your participation in sports and fitness activities. At UHS Podiatry, we can develop a treatment plan to help minimize your discomfort and speed your recovery. Our focus is on early return to activity and prevention of recurring injury.

For Diabetics
For many diabetics, nerve damage and poor circulation often lead to a lack of sensation in the feet. Blisters and injuries may go unnoticed and develop complications that lead to amputation. We
recommend that diabetics schedule regular visits with a podiatrist. Our staff is trained to diagnose and treat diabetic foot problems before they become serious. We also provide educational services to instruct diabetic patients about the best way to care for and avoid potential problems.

For Seniors and Kids
Painful and uncomfortable feet are not a natural part of growing old or growing up. With the care of a podiatrist, plenty can be done to improve comfort, relieve pain and enhance function. We specialize in geriatric foot care, such as the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, gout and other periodic foot care needs. Various pediatric disorders such as warts, flat feet, “growing pains,” ingrown nails and gait abnormalities can be evaluated and treated by one of our podiatrists.

Experts in custom-molded orthotics
For certain conditions, our podiatrists may recommend the use of an orthotic, a custom molded shoe insert, to control abnormal foot function. By altering the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface, an orthotic can make walking and running more comfortable, efficient and can prevent long-term deformities. Orthotics can also prevent injury and long-term complications from the repetitive stress of many activities. We can work with you to determine the best orthotic prescription for your unique situation.

Highly qualified foot surgeons
Many foot and ankle problems can be treated with conservative care alone. However, some injuries and other conditions may require surgery. You can count on the expertise of our podiatric  surgeons to know when surgery is required and to perform the operation using the latest procedures and advanced technology. In many cases the surgical procedures can be performed in the office or in an outpatient setting at all area hospitals. If surgery is required, we will advise you on the best possible postoperative care so your recovery will be as rapid and comfortable as possible.

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