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Breast Cancer

Find the treatment and support you need for breast cancer near Binghamton from the expert medical staff and advanced technology at UHS in New York's Southern Tier.

To learn more about our comprehensive breast care treatment and services offered in the Binghamton area, click here to explore our Breast Care page.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Early detection of breast cancer greatly increases your treatment options. Talk to your doctor about breast cancer mammograms near Binghamton or the screening option that’s right for you based on your age and risk for the disease.

Breast cancer treatment and screenings near Binghamton include:

  • Breast imaging, such as a 3-D mammogram, ultrasound or MRI
  • Biopsy, including stereotactic biopsy
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Breast cancer risk assessment
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Axillary node dissection
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

You may not have any symptoms in the early stages of breast cancer. As a tumor develops, symptoms may include:

  • Lump in your breast or underarm
  • Swelling in your armpit
  • Pain or tenderness in your breast
  • Flattening or indentation on your breast
  • Change in the size, shape, texture or temperature of your breast or nipple
  • Red or pitted skin on your breast that resembles the skin of an orange
  • Unusual discharge from your nipple

Breast Cancer Treatment

Your treatment options may vary depending on the type of breast cancer you have, your age and your medical history. You and your doctor will work together to determine the breast cancer treatment and care near Binghamton that is best for your health and in accordance with your preferences.

Breast cancer treatment options in the Binghamton region at UHS include:

  • Chemotherapy – Uses medication—delivered intravenously or in pill form—to target and kill cancer cells
  • Hormone therapy – Prevents cancer cells from using your progesterone and estrogen hormones to continue to grow
  • Radiation therapy – Uses focused radiation beams to destroy breast cancer cells while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Surgery – Removes cancerous tissue in your breast or breasts
    • Lumpectomy – Removes a tumor and part of the surrounding normal tissue to ensure the affected area is completely eliminated
    • Mastectomy – Removes one or both of your breasts depending on the type and location of your cancer
    • Nipple-sparing mastectomy – Removes your breast tissue while leaving the skin, nipple and areola intact to aid the reconstructive surgery process afterward

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

You and your doctor may decide a mastectomy is your best course of treatment for breast cancer. Trust UHS to give you the reconstructive surgery options afterward to help you get back to feeling like yourself.

Expert Cancer Care Close to Home

Find exceptional breast cancer treatments in Binghamton and throughout the entire UHS service area in New York’s Southern Tier. Services and treatments may vary by location. Your doctor will refer you to the location that best suits your care needs.

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