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Community Service Reports

Throughout the year, UHS provides a host of community services and benefits to people in the Greater Binghamton and Southern Tier region as part of our charitable mission.

The Broome County Health Assessment 2019-2024:

UHS collaborates with the Broome County Health Department, Our Lady of Lourdes and other Community Based Organizations to complete the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for New York State. Based on health priorities identified through analysis of statistical data collected at the state level, a set of priority areas is established. Local data is then collected and reviewed at the county level during the assessment phase, using the priority areas set by the state as a guide. An action plan is created by members of the Broome County CHA/CHIP Steering Committee that targets key ways to improve the overall health of our community members, based on the priority areas. You can view the report below.

Our Community Service Plans are available by clicking on the following links:




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Community Health Needs Assessment:

Upcoming Events

  • Baby Shower

    Baby Shower is a free program for those who are considering having a baby or currently pregnant and have questions about childbirth.

  • Breastfeeding Program

    Designed for the woman who has chosen to breastfeed her baby, or for the pregnant woman who is undecided about what feeding method is right for her.

  • Prepared Childbirth Program

    This program will discuss induction of labor, medications, epidural anesthesia, and cesarean birth