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UHS Oncology patient

“I really relied on the nurse navigator, from diagnosis to treatment, follow-ups, and the meds. Meeting with them as a team, meaning the doctor, the social worker, nutritionist, was uplifting. I am a year-and-a-half out. UHS changed my perception of health care. I am here today because of them.”
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UHS Breast Center and UHS Plastic Surgery patient

“I had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer, so I took it upon myself to be proactive, to avoid getting cancer. I called my primary care physician and they got me in touch with the UHS Breast Center and UHS Plastic Surgery. I was very scared and the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon and the nurse all came over to me, hugging me, and holding my hand. I knew I was in the best hands.”

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UHS Cardiology patient

“When you find out that you have heart failure, you sort of think ‘What am I going to do now?’ But they have given me hope. They have given me tools to keep my life on the right track. The program they provide, even in the emergency room, the way they took care of me, the nurses, the doctors, my nurse navigator, everybody was awesome. I would say that UHS has completely changed my life.”

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UHS Specialty Pharmacy patient

“At the UHS Specialty Pharmacy, they really do care about your well-being, and that you get your medications on time, and the right dosage. The UHS Specialty Pharmacy just takes a lot of stress away, and I know that they’re going to be there if I really need something done quickly. They’ve helped me in so many ways. I had so much pain and they’ve managed to get that under control.” 

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