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Medical Records

Who can I call with questions?

Please call the clinic or hospital where you received care and ask to speak with someone in the Medical Records department. General information lines are listed below:

UHS Binghamton General Hospital: 607-763-6015 Option #2

UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital:  607-337-4330

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital: 607-865-2180

UHS Wilson Medical Center: 607-763-6015 Option #2

Your confidentiality is our priority. You privacy is important. UHS keeps your medical records confidential, however they're readily available when you need to share information with your health care team. UHS also teams with HealthlinkNY to make your health records more easily accessible by your health care providers. Please note: For security purposes, we do not process requests for medical records via e-mail.  

Who owns my medical records?

The information contained in your medical records belongs to you, and you are entitled to access that information. The physical record is the property of UHS. We maintain records in order to provide effective services to our patients. 

How do I request copies of my medical records?

You are welcome to request copies of your medical records at any time. Each clinic, hospital and specialty department maintains confidential medical records of its patients. To obtain copies of your medical records, please contact the clinic or hospital where you received care and ask to speak with the Medical Records department. The UHS staff will be happy to assist you.  A list of all UHS clinics and hospitals and their phone numbers is available online. Or, fill out a Medical Record Authorization form.

How do I transfer my medical records?

Transfer from a UHS doctor to another UHS doctor:

Sometimes your health care journey will take you from the doctor’s office to a hospital or a specialty department within UHS. We want this to be as convenient as possible. If you are currently seeing an UHS doctor and he/she refers you to another UHS doctor, your doctor’s office will transfer the necessary records for you. 

Transfer from a UHS doctor to another doctor outside of UHS:
UHS will cooperate with transferring your medical records to another health care provider at your request. Please contact the clinic or hospital where you received care and ask to speak with the Medical Records department.

Transfer to UHS:
Please contact the UHS clinic or hospital where you would like the records to be sent. Ask to speak with the Medical Records department. They will be happy to assist you with the process for transferring records to a specific doctor’s office.

Is there a fee for requesting my medical records?

You can make an appointment to view your medical records at no charge.  If you wish to receive a paper copy of your records for your own use, you may be charged a fee for processing the request. There is no fee for transferring your medical records directly to another health care provider.

Can I access my family member’s medical records?

State and federal laws determine who may have access to a patient’s information. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor child, in most cases you will be able to access the child’s health care information if you provide proper identification and sign a consent form. The UHS Medical Records staff can answer any questions you might have regarding access to family members' information.

Can my medical records be shared without my consent?

Yes. The law allows for exceptions and typically limits the amount of information that can be released under special circumstances. Some examples would be in response to a medical emergency, under a court order, and in response to workman’s compensation claims.