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UHS Twin Tier Home Emergency Alarm Response

Help at the push of a button.

Response SYSTEM

It's the UHS Twin Tier Home Emergency Alarm Response system that, along with our trained emergency operators, allows our subscribers and their family members to have the peace of mind 24/7 of knowing immediate help is available, both at home and on the go.

This program not only gives you peace of mind, it makes independent living as easy as the push of a button!

The UHS Twin Tier Home Emergency Alarm Response

This system operates around the clock. It’s an affordable system for you if you’re an elderly person, a single parent with a young child or anyone of any age who wants to stay connected in the event of an emergency. It’s your own personal line to safety, security and peace of mind.

There are three equipment options to choose from:

GPS (mobile) device:

No matter where you go, the GPS unit will give you the confidence to keep you safe. The GPS technology allows our operators to pinpoint your exact location and send assistance with just the push of a button. Includes:

  • Built-in location technology
  • Fall detection (optional feature)*
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Lightweight, water-resistant unit
  • Around-the-neck and wrist devices available
  • Online feature allowing family members to access updates on their loved one’s location and usage

Pricing: $40/month

*$3/month additional fee. Fall detection doesn’t detect 100% of falls. If able, user should always push their button when they need assistance.

Home (landline) device:

Our in-home unit makes independent living as easy as the push of a button. The unit consists of a small console box that plugs into a phone jack and an electrical outlet. Press your activator and get instant help. Includes:

  • 2-way voice communication range of approx 300 ft from unit
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring with personalized responders
  • Lightweight, shower-proof wristband or pendant activator
  • Free 24-hour tech support

Pricing: $35/month

Home Cellular (wireless) device:

No landline? Our wireless equipment does not need to be plugged into a phone jack. Regardless of your wireless carrier, our in home unit will allow our trained operators to respond immediately to your needs staying on the
line if you want until help arrives. Includes:

  • 2 way voice communication range of approx 300 ft from unit
  • Water resistant wristband or pendant activator
  • 36 hr rechargeable backup battery
  • Free 24 hr tech support

Pricing: $38/month

*Each device has a one-time $40 installation fee. There are no fixed term agreements, so customers can cancel at anytime. Unlike many other companies, our trained technicians will come directly to your home to install your equipment.

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