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Antibiotics aren't always the answer

UHS is committed to appropriate antibiotic prescribing. That’s why we guarantee we will do our best to prescribe antibiotics only when you need them.

  • The FACTS
    • Overusing antibiotics encourages bacteria to become resistant to treatment.
    • This means antibiotics will no longer work against infections.
    • Antibiotic resistance threatens everyone’s health.
    • Antibiotics do not work for viral infections such as colds, sinusitis, the flu, or most sore throats and earaches.
  • Our ADVICE
    • Only take antibiotics if prescribed.
    • Follow instructions from your healthcare professional.
    • Always finish the entire course of antibiotics.
    • Do not give your antibiotics to someone else.
  • PREVENT the spread of infection by...
    • Exercising good hand hygiene by washing hands regularly.
    • Preparing food hygienically.
    • Keeping vaccinations up to date.

Download a flyer with the above information here.

Is it a Virus or Bacteria?

We promise to prescribe antibiotics ONLY when the benefits outweigh the risks. Talk to your healthcare provider about your role in responsible antibiotic use. The chart below, from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), lists common conditions and whether or not antibiotics are needed. Learn more at cdc.gov/antibiotic-use.