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Speech, Swallowing & Feeding Services

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Get expert evaluations, diagnosis and treatment from UHS speech-language pathologists for swallowing, speech, language, voice and cognitive conditions.

Speech and Language Disorders We Treat

Trust our skilled, attentive therapists to help you or a loved one learn techniques and adaptive skills for many speech-language conditions, including:

  • Accents – Learn how to change your speech pronunciation
  • Cleft palate and resonance conditions – Develop language skills, feeding techniques, word articulation, sound production and speech patterns
  • Cognitive conditions – Improve impaired memory and problem-solving skills following a stroke or brain injury
  • Neurological speech and language conditions – Relearn speech skills following a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological condition
  • Pediatric developmental speech and language conditions – Get evaluations and therapy for Early Intervention (EI) and Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)
  • Stuttering
  • Swallowing conditions (dysphagia) – Get evaluations and therapy such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy, swallowing tests videofluoroscopy and FEES
  • Voice conditions – Treat vocal misuse, vocal nodules, vocal paralysis, voice restoration, and laryngectomy

Experienced Care Team

You’ll benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of UHS speech-language pathologists who are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. This means your care incorporates the latest advances and treatment options, giving you even more and better ways to get well.

Your therapist will work closely with your doctors and other care providers to ensure you have a coordinated treatment plan tailored to your particular needs and situation.

Expert Speech-Language Care Close to Home

Find exceptional speech-language services throughout the UHS service area in New York’s Southern Tier. Services and treatments may vary by location. Your doctor will refer you to the location that best suits your care needs.

Get a Referral

Get a referral

Ask your doctor if you’d benefit from speech-language therapy at UHS. Schedule an appointment today with your primary care doctor to ask for a referral.

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