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Integrated Spine Program

We are excited to offer you access to a UHS’ integrated spine program. We have assembled a well-trained and highly experienced team of skilled spine surgeons, non-operative spine doctors, and manual therapists who will coordinate your care to give you the treatment you need when you need it. 

What to Expect

Our spine doctors believe early access leads to better outcomes. We developed this integrated spine program by starting with manual therapy. Most patients are surprised at how quickly manual therapy improves pain – sometimes with just a few treatments.

After a few sessions of manual therapy, most patients will be seen by the medical team. How soon you’ll be seen by our medical team will vary based on how new your spinal problem is and your personalized needs. There is dynamic interaction between all the spine care team members so you’ll get the right treatment by the right provider at the right time.

Our Team

Our spine medical team includes neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, anesthesiologists, psychologists, social workers and specialized physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Your medical team might recommend medications, injections, or surgeries. Our team of manual therapists, including physical therapists and chiropractors, will treat your spine by using their hands, teaching you how to move in certain ways, or by helping you to get particular muscles to start working optimally again.

What if I Need Surgery?

Most patients with spine pain don’t need surgery. The small group of patients who need surgery usually do not require surgery immediately – so an initial attempt at non-operative care is usually recommended. When a spine problem does require surgery, our high-quality patientcentric surgical team is ready to step in. At any point during your care plan, if you are recognized as needing urgent surgery, you will be referred directly to our surgical team.

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