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Clinical Trials

Now bringing the benefits of an expanded, enhanced clinical trials program to the local community.

We have worked to make research studies a vital component of our healthcare delivery capabilities. Now, through our Office of Clinical Trials, (OCT) all the residents in our 16-county service area can potentially benefit from the search for new treatments, new medications, and new procedures these trials make possible.

The OCT oversees research projects using UHS facilities and resources. We work with pharmaceutical and other medical companies to conduct clinical research studies. With over 20 years of experience conducting complex clinical research and enrolling patients in the study of investigational medications, biologicals and devices, OCT follows careful processes to protect the best interest of our research patients, while at the same time adhering to federal and other regulatory guidelines for compliance.

We are committed to maintain a high standard of commitment to clinical research, as reflected in our mission statement.

Why many patients find it worthwhile to participate in these studies

Patients who participate in research studies often enjoy significant benefits. You will have access to medications not available to the general public. These treatments are provided at no charge, and some treatments are even provided with minor compensation to the patient. Beyond these, of course, there is the satisfaction which many participating patients experience: helping to advance the science and art of medicine. By participating in a clinical research study, you are helping yourself and others like you live longer and healthier lives now and far into the future.

Our mission is based on PRIDE:

Patients are always #1
Research advances clinical care
Individual patients make a difference
Dedication leads to quality
Excellence is achieved through education and teamwork

Through the OCT, UHS upholds its position as the leader in bringing quality healthcare research to our community.

We Value:

  1. Our commitment to our patients and our sponsors by being responsive, respectful, trustworthy and compassionate.
  2. Working as a team to provide excellence in research and education.
  3. Relationships with our patients, staff, academic affiliates, business associates and corporate body.
  4. Diversity, dignity and the contributions of every employee and patient.
  5. An ethics-based framework for business and clinical decision making.
  6. The discovery of new knowledge through research.

The Office of Clinical Trials is currently recruiting subjects in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • COVID-19
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Pneumonia
  • Stroke
  • SUNY Collaborations

Standing behind our Clinical Trials Program

UHS Binghamton General Hospital and UHS Wilson Medical Center are respected for the level of care they provide to the people they serve. They play a significant role in the lives of their communities, as institutions people can count on for care. We are a not-for-profit, community benefit corporation, and our sole purpose is to serve the healthcare needs of our region.

Participating in an inpatient clinical trial

When admitted to UHS Wilson Medical Center or UHS Binghamton General Hospital, you can request the research department be notified to determine if there are any current or upcoming trials in which you would be eligible to participate. In addition, the staff at the hospital may approach you to determine if you would be willing to speak to the research staff regarding a study.

Don’t overlook outpatient studies

You may also contact the OCT office to determine if there are any outpatient studies for which you might be eligible.