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Peer Services

What are Peer Services?

We are proud to offer peer services in UHS Behavioral Health.  Peers are people with lived or observed experience with substance use and/or mental health disorders; they promote recovery and wellness by addressing patient-identified barriers and helping patients achieve their goals.

How do Peers Help Patients?

Peers meet with patients across our continuum of care (inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder and mental health treatment, the Medication for Addiction Treatment Program (methadone clinic), and the BGH Emergency Department).  They work to decrease the stigma associated with accessing behavioral health services and specialize in educating about and demonstrating the different pathways to recovery and wellness.  Peers can connect patients with recovery supports, guide and teach lifestyle changes, help patients reflect on their personal recovery journeys, bridge patients between levels of care, and encourage hope that recovery is possible.

They can also help remove patient-identified obstacles by linking patients to community resources including those for transportation, housing, employment, education, food, and legal issues.  

How Can You Access Peer Services?

Peer services are voluntary and are available for patients and community members who wish to use them.  Give us a call and leave a message with your name and contact number.  All voicemails are confidential.    

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