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Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

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To help reduce the number of opioid overdoses in our community, we are providing opioid overdose prevention training and linkage to naloxone (Narcan®) over the telephone. Anyone can access this free service by calling (607) 762-2622. Please find our program handouts here.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Training and Linkage to Naloxone (Narcan®)

The UHS addiction medicine department runs a New York State Department of Health-certified opioid overdose prevention program. We provide New York overdose prevention training and linkage to naloxone (Narcan®) to all patients across our department’s care continuum. We also give trainings to individuals and groups in the public across Binghamton and Broom County.

Individuals can receive training and linkage to naloxone (Narcan®) over the phone by calling (607) 762-2622 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

To schedule New York Narcan® and overdose prevention training for your community organization or group, please call (607) 762-2172.

Report Your Naloxone (Narcan®) Use

When you use naloxone (Narcan®) to reverse an overdose, please let us know by calling (607) 762-2622. We will help you get more naloxone (Narcan®) and connect you with local resources, if you need them. Thank you for saving lives in our community.

Program Handouts and Helpful Links

Our New York Narcan® and overdose training program handouts contain information about how to respond to an opioid overdose, how to report naloxone (Narcan®) use and get a refill through our program, local pharmacies that provide naloxone (Narcan®) without a prescription, the Naloxone Co-Payment Assistance Program (N-CAP)New York State’s 911 Good Samaritan Law, the Southern Tier AIDS Program’s syringe exchange and opioid overdose prevention programs, and how to build a safety plan.

The New York State Department of Health, Prevent & Protect, and the Harm Reduction Coalition have a number of opioid overdose prevention resources available to the public.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Videos

Please see the following for opioid overdose prevention training videos: