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UHS Delaware Valley Hospital visits local schools for handwashing experiment

September 21, 2020

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital brought its germ-busting equipment to the Walton and Hancock central school districts to show students the proper way to wash their hands.

While there, an experiment was conducted to help show students just how good their handwashing skills were. Each group was welcomed and educated briefly about how important it is to wash their hands. They were then given a "special potion" to rub into their hands which caused their germs to glow under the special germ buster light.

After viewing their glowing hands, the students were instructed to wash their hands, concentrating of where they saw their hands glowing. They then were able to view their hands again under the light and see that they did a good job washing, or if they needed improvement, the glowing areas on their hands pointed out just where they needed practice.

The kids truly enjoyed the challenge of getting their hands squeaky clean and were rewarded with a sticker and certificate for their great work.

See some pictures below:

DVH School Handwashing Experiment