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New Ion Robot delivered to UHS Wilson Medical Center

March 21, 2024

UHS’ investment in the latest medical technology took a big step forward March 15, when an Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy system was delivered to UHS Wilson Medical Center.  Doctors can use the innovative technology to assist in early detection of lung cancer.

Ion is used to perform robotic-assisted bronchoscopy that can reach all 18 segments of the lungs. The system features an ultra-thin and maneuverable catheter that allows navigation far into the peripheral lung. This technology enhances reach, stability, and precision in comparison to previous manual technologies. 

Patients benefit from the technology by receiving a diagnosis and additional lung cancer staging on the same day, instead of having a biopsy one day and an additional procedure at a later date.  

UHS is the first in the Southern Tier to be able to offer these robotic-assisted bronchoscopies.

“The system is built on the idea that collecting lung tissue samples for biopsy could be safe and simple even if the nodule is small and peripheral,” said Trevor Flanagan, MHA, BS, RRT, Manager, UHS Pulmonary Services. “In lung cancer, because time to intervention is crucial, the Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy system gives the clinical team early answers, which in turn accelerates treatment.” 

ION Robot Delivery to UHS Wilson Medical Center