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UHS Vestal dedicated to Matt and Mary Ellen Salanger

April 08, 2024

The UHS Vestal Matthew & Mary Ellen Salanger Outpatient Center has been dedicated at 4417 Vestal Parkway East.

The dedication is in recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Salanger’s outstanding service and contributions to UHS and the community for more than 35 years and in honor of a generous donation to the UHS Foundation provided this year by the Salangers.

Over the years, Matt and Mary Ellen Salanger have had a tremendous impact on UHS through their commitment to quality care and their personal generosity to the work of the UHS Foundation.

As a former president and chief executive officer of UHS, Mr. Salanger spearheaded the development and opening of UHS Vestal in 2012. Beginning with his vision and leadership, the facility has become one of the premier outpatient health centers in the region, recording more than two million patient visits since it was launched.

“As we consider the inspirational example that is the legacy of Matt and Mary Ellen, and as we honor them with the naming of this building, let us be mindful of the heart and soul they have contributed to the well-being of our region, and the tremendous progress this center represents in the delivery of extraordinary care,” said Peter Newman, chairman of the board of UHS.

Said John Carrigg, president and chief executive officer of UHS: “With the benefit of Matt’s leadership, we saw the establishment of UHS’ first retail pharmacy, along with the busiest outpatient laboratory service, right here at UHS Vestal. The substance and content of this incredible outpatient center are unmatched in our region, thanks to Matt’s visionary guidance and innovation.”

Services available at the site include primary care, specialty care and walk-in, as well as the ancillary services of pharmacylab and imaging.

Since the building’s inception, more than 300,000 primary care visits have been recorded, along with 200,000 pediatric visits and over 480,000 walk-in visits. The Breast Center has seen more than 43,000 office visits since it opened. 

Mr. Salanger joined UHS in 1985, serving in a number of managerial and leadership roles, and was president and CEO of UHS from 2007 to 2017. He continues to serve today as a member of the UHS Board of Directors and the board’s executive committee.