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UHS works with a talented and dedicated group of well-trained and experienced physicians.

The medical staffs of the system's four hospitals in Broome, Chenango and Delaware counties include more than 500 doctors representing a wide range of medical specialties and primary care options.

We are proud that these physicians have chosen to pursue their professional careers with us. Let us help you find a doctor.

UHS Provider Directory (PDF)

UHS Provider Directory System (Note: This database includes all providers listed in the UHS financial/referral system. Please remember that many providers in this listing do not have privileges to work at UHS Hospitals.)

Service Line

5 Providers Addiction
2 Providers AIDS / HIV Services
4 Providers Allergy and Immunology
32 Providers Anesthesiology
3 Providers Audiology
4 Providers Bariatric Surgery
14 Providers Cancer
1 Provider Cardiac Rehabilitation
9 Providers Cardiothoracic and Vascular Medicine
2 Providers Chiropractic Care
10 Providers Concussion
4 Providers Critical Care
9 Providers Dental Services
6 Providers Dermatology
7 Providers Diabetes
5 Providers Ear Nose and Throat
28 Providers Emergency Medicine
13 Providers Gastroenterology
16 Providers General Surgery
26 Providers Heart
3 Providers Hematology
25 Providers Hospitalist
16 Providers Imaging
3 Providers Infectious Disease
7 Providers Kidney, Bladder and Urinary
7 Providers Laboratory Services
11 Providers Neonatology
22 Providers Neurology
5 Providers Stroke Care
1 Provider Neuropsychology
9 Providers Neurosurgery
4 Providers Nutrition Services
34 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
9 Providers Occupational Medicine
10 Providers Ophthalmology
54 Providers Orthopedics
28 Providers Sports Medicine
15 Providers Pathology
36 Providers Pediatrics
1 Provider Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
46 Providers Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
45 Providers Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Inpatient
57 Providers Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Outpatient
8 Providers Plastic Surgery
20 Providers Podiatry
134 Providers Primary Care
10 Providers Psychiatry
7 Providers Pulmonary Medicine
4 Providers Rheumatology
12 Providers Senior Care
4 Providers Sleep Medicine
2 Providers Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
9 Providers Spine Care and Pain Relief
20 Providers Surgical Services
4 Providers Urogynecology
6 Providers Urology
32 Providers Walk-In Care
3 Providers Weight Loss
26 Providers Women's Health
7 Providers Wound Care