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What a 'Patient-Centered Medical Home' means to you

UHS Primary Care and Pediatrics offices have been recognized by the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA)  as a New York State Patient-Centered Medical Home. The nationally-recognized program brings providers, nurses, and other members of your care team together to focus on care coordination, communication, access and other aspects of your care needs, while keeping you (the patient) at the center.

Click here to view the list of offices that have been recognized. 

Your Medical Home can:

  • Help you manage your health care 
  • Help answer your health questions
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Work with other medical experts if necessary
  • Coordinate your care through additional services
  • Encourage you to play an active role in your own health care
  • Provide coverage options to uninsured patients

What can you expect?

In a UHS Medical Home, you and your team will work together. As an active member of the team, you will have a chance to explain the things that are really important to you. 

Your team can answer questions and help you better understand your health care needs and provides equal access to all patients regardless of service payment. 

If you receive health care from other doctors, or from hospitals or other health care facilities, we will obtain the information from them, send them the appropriate information from UHS and work with them to provide coordinated care and support you every step of the way. 

When you have concerns about your health, your medical home team will work with you to determine the best way to deal with them. You can reach your UHS provider every day by calling the office. For non-urgent medical questions you can utilize our online Patient Portal “MyChart”, or call the office and the nurses can provide additional information and educational resources. 

Together, you and your team can work on a plan that:

  1. Is personalized or created just for you
  2. Is coordinated with other health care providers, within and outside of the UHS network. 
  3. Connects you with your health care team
  4. Utilizes evidence-based care

You will receive a copy (paper or electronic) of your care plan after each appointment with your health care providers. Read it carefully, as it has information on next steps, suggestions. For example, it will detail any lab work or other services you need, any special referrals being made for you, and your treatment goals. The care plan may also include information or web based resources and evidence-based recommendations that can be useful for your condition. Working with your team may improve the quality of your health care and shorten the time it takes to get that care. 

What can YOU do to help?

  1. Be an active team player
  • Talk with your team about your health questions
  • Share your past health care successes and challenges
  • Tell your team about other health care professionals who care for you and have your records forwarded to us.
  • Tell your team how you feel about the care you are getting from them
  1. Take care of your health
  • Follow the health care plan you and your team have talked about. Make sure you understand how to follow the plan. Set goals you can reach. Once you begin to see results, you and your team can discuss adding new goals. 
  1. Talk openly with your team
  • Tell your team if you are having trouble sticking with your care plan. 
  • Speak up if your care plan is not working. Tell your team what is not working so together you can make changes if needed. 

A Team Approach to Providing Total Health Care

You and your healthcare are at the center of your medical home team. A medical home is a team approach to providing total health care. Your team will include your health care provider, others who support you and --- most importantly---- you. At UHS, we’re caring for you in a way that covers all aspects of your health and well-being. This includes an inventory of mental health, substance abuse, and other issues that affect your health. It is called a UHS Health Home. 

Same Day Appointments

All of our Primary Care sites (Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric) sites offer same day appointments. For an illness or acute condition, please call prior to 10:00 AM. If same day appointments are fully utilized, virtual appointments, and walk-in services are available. Walk-in Clinics are located in Vestal, and Endicott.

During your appointment, use this convenient checklist:

  • Write down the names of your team members. Or if you utilize our Patient Portal “MyChart” your care team members are already linked to your account. 
  • Use a list of questions you’ve written down.  Ask your most important question first. Even if you cannot get all of your answers on the first visit, having a list will help you keep track of the answers. 
  • Talk with your team about the health issue to work on first
  • Use your own words to repeat back the things you’ve discussed with your team. This way, both you and your team will know the information is clear. 
  • You may reach your provider after hours by calling the office number and speaking with our answering service. Or for non-urgent issues you may utilize our Patient Portal. 
  • Before you leave the office, be sure you know the things you need to work on before your next appointment. 

Contacting the office

  • An on-call clinician is available by dialing the main office number for after-hours issues.
  • Emergency calls should be directed to 911.
  • For non-urgent medical question utilize the Patient Portal “MyChart” and a staff member will contact you to obtain additional information if needed, and will respond to your questions.
  • Self-Management Support – Your site has many resources for Patient Education and Self-Management Support. Please contact the site Wellness Coordinator if you need assistance. 
  • MyChart Patient Portal is available using this link: https://mychart.nyuhs.org/MyChart/Authentication/Login

UHS Primary Care and Pediatric offices recognized by NCQA in 2024

Primary Care Pediatrics
UHS Primary Care - Binghamton
UHS Primary Care - Candor
UHS Primary Care - Clinton Street
UHS Primary Care - Deposit
UHS Primary Care - Endicott
UHS Primary Care - Endwell
UHS Primary Care - Greene
UHS Primary Care - Johnson City
UHS Primary Care - Newark Valley
UHS Primary Care - Norwich
UHS Primary Care - Owego
UHS Primary Care - Oxford
UHS Primary Care - Robinson Street
UHS Primary Care - Sherburne
UHS Primary Care - Sidney
UHS Primary Care - Upper Front Street 
UHS Primary Care - Vestal 
UHS Primary Care - Walton
UHS Primary Care - Windsor
UHS Pediatrics - Binghamton 
UHS Pediatrics - Chenango Bridge 
UHS Pediatrics - Norwich
UHS Pediatrics - Vestal