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Walk in Your Shoes

Walk In Your Shoes Campaign

With you every step of the way... no matter what shoes you wear

As we work internally to define and communicate the UHS Way, we are also trying to define the UHS Way in terms of the patient experience we are trying to deliver. So, we are happy to announce the introduction of a multi-media communications effort called “Walk In Your Shoes. UHS delivers your care your way.” Below we have attached five television commercials, several radio commercials and sample print ads so you get the idea of how this is starting. It will be a very dynamic campaign that we can easily update and change as we introduce new patient features.  

Ongoing market research helps us understand where UHS stands in consumer perceptions in our region. This lead us to create a new marketing campaign “Walk In Your Shoes.” Simply put, our patients and customers want to have ready, hassle free access to affordable care, from people that remember them, listen and respond to them in a trustworthy and effective way. Our communication of that desire is expressed by “At UHS we go out of our way to give you care your way.”

We will evolve and expand our capabilities to better meet your changing needs, rather than make you go out of your way for us. We will make the resources of the region’s most respected and complete provider work for you rather than having you work hard to get what you need. And we know what never changes…your need to be known, listened to and respected, and to know that we put your interests above our own.

“We both work, so sometimes I’m the Mom AND the Dad!”

“When my child’s sick,everything else is on hold.”



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UHS Maternity
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UHS My Wife
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UHS We Both Work
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UHS Your Care
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UHS World Stops