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Proper care is vital for those with wounds

SH_May_20174uhsnet.jpgUHS joins hospitals around the country in emphasizing focused, exceptional care for patients who have wounds that are challenging to heal. Proper prevention, care and healing of wounds are essential to a person’s good health. This is especially true of older patients and those coping with obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

Ellin Ede, program director at the UHS Center for Advanced Wound Care, visits physician practices and other clinical settings to reinforce the message about the importance of treating and managing chronic wounds.

For some people’s wounds, all it takes are regular dressing changes and a few weeks before the wound is healed. However, for the 6.5 million Americans living with chronic wounds (per figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the experience is far more lengthy and often quite physically taxing.

Chronic wound care is a complex process, a series of interconnected steps that build on top of one another to optimize results. If you are dealing with a wound that resists healing, or if you have a risk factor for developing a chronic wound, talk with your healthcare provider or visit to find a specialist.