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Don’t be embarrassed about hemorrhoid care

Wiseman_web_storyIf you’re suffering pain, discomfort or bleeding from hemorrhoids, cysts or polyps, you’re also probably suffering a certain amount of embarrassment.

But UHS colorectal surgeon Jeffrey Wiseman, MD, says you should never let embarrassment or fear keep you from seeking treatment for anal or colorectal issues.

Seeking early diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the colon, rectum and anus can often help you avoid serious consequences down the road, he said. 

Millions of Americans suffer from such common conditions as inflamed hemorrhoids, swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. 

Although the condition can be unpleasant and painful, it is very preventable and treatable.  Because they often get worse over time, the swollen veins should be attended to as soon as they appear.

Dr. Wiseman has seen it all, has real compassion for his patients and will immediately put you at ease so that you can talk freely about what’s bothering you  . . . on the back end.

He wants you to be comfortable discussing your symptoms, and he’ll devote the time necessary to finding the best solution for you, either surgical or non-surgical.

“We don’t just treat the patient’s disease, we strive to take care of the whole person,” he said.  “Doctors need to use empathy, which often is woefully lacking in modern medicine, and to listen carefully.”

Dr. Wiseman practices with UHS Surgery at Wilson Square, 30 Harrison St. in Johnson City, on the campus of UHS Wilson Medical Center.

He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and has 33 years’ experience in general and colorectal surgery.

So don’t put it off.  Contact Dr. Wiseman’s office today at 763-8100 and learn about your options for professional anal, rectal and colon care.