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Before You Go Home/Discharge

Billing and Insurance Information

If you have questions about your health insurance or your hospital bill, a Patient Financial Advocate will be happy to answer your questions by telephone, or if you request it, will come to your room while you’re still in the hospital.

Discharge Planning Services

Our nursing staff and a care manager or social worker will assist you with discharge plans. These plans start with information collected on admission and are evaluated for you by nursing staff, your physician and case manager or social worker throughout your hospital stay. If you have concerns regarding your discharge plans, contact your physician, nurse, case manager or social worker.

Day of Discharge

You and your nurse will discuss your departure time. Once you know what time you can expect to be released, please make any necessary arrangements to leave the hospital.

Discharge Instructions

Your doctor and your nurse will give you instructions about post-hospital care. If you have questions about your diet, activities or other matters, or aren’t comfortable with your discharge instructions, please be sure to ask at this time. You’ll receive written discharge instructions prior to leaving the hospital. Please maintain these instructions and refer to them when you leave as they have important information regarding your post-hospital care.

Medical Social Work Services

Our social work team assists patients and families in coping with the stresses that accompany illness and hospitalization. Social workers provide psychological and social assessments and counseling, and coordinate referrals for post-discharge follow-up, nursing home placement, home care nursing, delivery of home medical equipment and end of life care.

Home Health Care

Whether you need home care services, equipment or supplies, UHS can help. We operate UHS Home Care PHC (call 607.763.5600) and UHS Home Care TTHH (607.763.8946).

Project HEAR

Project HEAR (home emergency alarm response) provides emergency help with the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, seven days a week through your home telephone. For more information, contact Project HEAR, UHS Home Care TTHH, at 607.763.8952.

Stay Healthy

After your hospital stay is over, you have an opportunity to open the door to better health by discovering the resources of UHS' Stay Healthy Center at Oakdale Mall next to Sears. Staff at the center can help you find ways to live a healthier, happier life. Your whole family can benefit from these programs.