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UHS Sports Performance 'The UHS ZOO' Lifting Team  

June 25, 2018

UHS Sports Performance participated in the 100% raw powerlifting federation meet on Sunday, June 10 in Endicott. See the UHS ZOO Lifting Team's awards below:

Team accomplishments:
Over all 7 state record
8 first place finishes
2 2nd place finishes 

Andrew Long (UHS Sports Performance)
165 weight class
2nd in the open bench press 259
1st in the open deadlift 518 (state record)
1st in the open strict curl 121
Dr. Stanley Hunter (UHS Orthopedics)
1st in 242 Weight class deadlift 518
1st in 242 weight class 142 (state record for his age and open division)
Calvin Brown (UHS Addiction Medicine) 
1st in open 198 weight class deadlift 418.5
1st in open 198 strict curl 125 ( state record for his age)
Ryan Davis (UHS Athletic Trainer)
1st in full power 220 weight class
Squat 352
Bench 286
Deadlift 424

Connor Strauss (Union Endicott high school junior)
2nd in the 181 full power
Squat 265
Bench 181
deadlift 331
Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley High School Senior)
1st in 148 18-19 age  full power
squat 181 State record
bench 110
Deadlift 303 State Record
Over all total state record 594