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UHS launches multi-party virtual visits

April 21, 2020

Now a family member can join your telehealth visit with your doctor through the UHS Virtual Health program.

UHS has expanded its capabilities in virtual health to include a multi-party video option.

With this service, your virtual visit with your doctor can also include an on-screen tie-in with a family member, friend or other third party whom you have selected to be involved in your care.

For example, on April 20, a cancer patient was able to have her adult daughter, who lives out of state, participate in the mother’s appointment with a UHS surgeon using the multi-video option.

The new feature allows a parent or guardian to initiate, and be virtually present, for a virtual walk-in visit when their child is elsewhere, such as at school, day care or a friend’s house.

Mom or Dad can send a link to another adult, who can open the visit for a younger child or a child without a phone. 

When it comes to older children or teenagers with a smart phone, they can join via a link sent by the parent to start the visit.

Members of the UHS Virtual Health team say that the new multi-video approach is a great option for an older child who may need a Virtual Walk-In visit when they are home after school but their parent is still at work.

To sign up for a virtual visit, go to nyuhs.org, click on UHS Virtual Health and then click on Start a Visit. Once your visit begins, you can select the option to link in another person.