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Teddy Bear Clinic was a huge success at UHS Delaware Valley Hospital

June 06, 2018

Recently, UHS Delaware Valley Hospital (DVH) hosted 146 second-grade students from Walton, Downsville, Roscoe, Livingston Manor and Hancock elementary schools for a Teddy Bear Clinic.

The goal of the Teddy Bear Clinic is to introduce children to the hospital and healthcare workers in a fun setting so that in the event they need to be a patient, they will be a little less intimidated scared.

The clinic provided students with an informative and educational experience in several departments of the hospital. In the ER, students and their teddy bears had blood pressures and pulse-ox measurements as well as a tour and explanation of common monitors and equipment utilized in this department. 

In the imaging center, students were able to get some hands-on experience in watching an x-ray being performed reviewing the images that were taken of their teddy bears. They were also able to see actual x-ray films of broken bones, a baby’s heart and lungs, and even x-rays of nails from a nail gun that went into someone’s arm! The students then ventured on to see the hospital’s new CT scan and how it moves patients in and out of the tube as their teddy bears got to experience the ride.

The students then had an opportunity to be caregivers in a situation where “Zack” our pediatric manikin, had a bicycle accident and was not wearing his helmet. The kids put on gloves and masks and assisted RN Sean, with Zack’s injuries. Some of the care the students gave was applying pressure to and bandaging a wound, splinting his leg, stabilizing Zack’s neck and putting on a neck brace, using an oxygen mask to give oxygen, and covering him up with a blanket to keep him warm. The kids were very enthusiastic to help in this demonstration.

Moving outside, EMT Mark Rossley from Cooperstown Medical Transport let the kids go through his ambulance and gave them coloring books.  Major John Demeo of the Delaware County Sheriff's Department and his assistant Joe Mauro, brought K9 Ozzie and demonstrated how Ozzie can catch and hold on to bad guys when necessary. New York State Trooper Matthew G. Strobeck brought K9 Simpson with him and did a demonstration on how well Simpson listens and finds drugs. He also spoke about how they use dogs to assist with search and rescues.  One of the most important lessons that Trooper Strobeck stressed to the kids was that if they ever get lost in the woods, they need to stay put and the dog will find them.

Finally, LifeNet of NY helicopter and crew came in and let each child see their equipment and sit in the seats of the helicopter. Many of the kids had the opportunity to either see the helicopter come in and land or take off. 

Each child that came to the Teddy Bear Clinic was given a Stay Healthy Kids/DVH backpack, folding frisbee, sports bottle, coloring book and crayons, healthy snack recipe cards and a fact sheet about DVH. They each got a healthy snack and a bottle of water as well. Teachers from all classes were given information and activity sheets about Mr. Yuk and the dangers of poison to share with the kids back in the classroom. They were also given a set of flash cards they can use in their lesson.

Positive reviews were received from both the students and the teachers. A huge thank you is due to everyone including DVH employees and all of the outside agencies that helped make the Teddy Bear Clinic a success. Everyone's enthusiasm and above and beyond efforts to show the kids interesting things that they could learn from was extremely rewarding. We are already looking forward to doing this again next year!

  • 2018 Teddy Bear Clinic
  • 2018 Teddy Bear Clinic