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Lung Matters Program has special visitor at UHS Delaware Valley Hospital 

December 22, 2017

Members from UHS Delaware Valley Hospital’s Lung Matters Program received a very special treat during their most recent meeting.  The Lung Matters Group helps to improve the lives of people with breathing issues by offering support and understanding, giving access to resources, and management strategies. This is all done in a pleasurable atmosphere for easy conversation and socialization.  As part of this program, members have been learning how to play the harmonica, which is a fun activity and also helps build lung capacity. Up until now, they have been receiving instruction on playing the harmonica during the meetings through a DVD made possible from the non-profit group called COPD 360. 

Steven Eisenberg, an amazingly talented musician from Bainbridge, NY, stopped by to speak to the group and offered hands-on instruction to them. Steve plays different wind instruments including the harmonica, flute, penny whistle and more.  Steve’s attendance at this month’s Lung Matters meeting proved to be a very festive, entertaining, and informative session for everyone. Steve shared tips on how to play the harmonica and demonstrated other whistles. He also sang and played for the group.  He spoke about how he always had a very large lung capacity, however after having open-heart surgery, it was significantly diminished; playing the harmonica helped to restore his lung capacity. 

Sue Malia, RN BSN, leads the Lung Matters group which meets on the second Friday of each month from 2-3:30 pm in the UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Center at 1 Titus Place, Walton, NY. For more information, you can contact Sue at 607-865-2155.