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HealthlinkNY First Friday, December 1, 2017 - "Abstract Art in Pathology"

November 22, 2017
HealthlinkNY will be featuring Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu's art show entitled "Abstract Art in Pathology" during the December's First Friday in downtown Binghamton.
This anthology finds inspiration from presentations during weekly cancer conferences at UHS. The meticulous process of preparing pathology slides produces evidence of disease and definitive diagnoses. Vivid colors emerge from various stains. Varied structural as well as abstract shapes and forms appear. While purely the work of nature through cellular evolution or transformation, one cannot ignore these unique artistic renderings. In checking out these curated images, each will show a simple interpretation of the pathology finding. As an interactive art exhibit, this collection aims not only to entertain, but also educate and deepen the viewing public’s understanding and appreciation of the science that brought about the images.
While enjoining the viewing public’s input in this novel approach for creative expression, the artist strongly believes that integrating art and science into visually appealing images of daily life will stimulate interest in medical science.  

Highlighting the work of Dr. Jagmohan Sidhu, Medical Director of the UHS Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department, this distinct opportunity to exhibit these images in a public forum allows Dr. Sidhu to share an intersection of art and pathology. To him, patterns of tissue under the microscope are akin to paintings on a canvas. His 57-year-long love of drawing and painting has primed his visual cortex to be really good at pattern recognition in anatomic pathology. This pattern recognition helps him make quick and accurate diagnoses and also makes him see abstract things in the pathology slides.  This art show is about some of the abstract objects he has seen in the pathology slides under the microscope. The joy and his passion for art, brings the adage “art imitates life” to reality.  

The "Abstract Art in Pathology" show will be on display on Friday, December 1, 2017 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at 49 Court Street, Suite 300, Binghamton, NY 13901.