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Exercise offers many benefits to cancer patients

March 03, 2017

HOPE-thumbnail3The benefits of exercise for cancer patients has been getting a lot of media attention lately.

Stories online and on TV have emphasized the ways those coping with cancer can use exercise to improve both their physical and psychological well-being.

Whether they are going through chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, many patients find that they are unusually tired and, no matter how much rest they get, the exhaustion doesn't go away.

This common side-effect of cancer or the treatments used to combat it is called cancer-related fatigue.

UHS has a program to help patients deal with this form of fatigue. It's called Helping Oncology Patients Exercise (HOPE).

HOPE patients work with a registered nurse, exercise physiologist, and physical or occupational therapists to identify and concentrate on their fatigue or any specific medical, nutritional or psycho-social problem related to their diagnosis and treatment.

HOPE offers oncology patients and survivors the opportunity to work together, giving them a sense of community and mutual support.

For more information, call UHS HOPE at 762-2178.

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