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Domestic violence resources are available to anyone

April 27, 2020

As America grapples with the spread of COVID-19, people across the country have been advised to remain at home except for necessities. But for a person in an abusive or potentially abusive relationship, being home may not be a safe option, with the stress of the pandemic and its requirements creating a potentially volatile situation. Research shows that stress and social isolation can raise the risk of domestic violence.

Violence in the home, which can include the abuse of children or elders, can lead to adverse physical and mental health outcomes, including a higher risk of chronic disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and risky sexual and substance use behaviors.

If you are concerned about your own safety, or that of your child or an elderly loved one while staying at home, a number of resources across the Southern Tier are just a phone call away. These include:

  • Family Violence Prevention Council: 778-2153
  • Crime Victims Assistance Center: 722-4256
  • Rise-NY, the SOS Shelter: 748-7453
  • UHS provides the services of the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, at UHS Binghamton General Hospital, 762-2302.

Don't let anything keep you from seeking the healthcare you need, now in the time of coronavirus or at any time. And if you are concerned about your safety or that of a family member, connect with help immediately.