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UHS Connections Employee Mobile App

Get connected today

As part of an effort to engage with and provide the employees of UHS with regular and convenient communications, we are excited to announce the launch of Connections!

The Connections mobile app will give you the ability to access important information that you need easily right on the screens of your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

You can now get all the information and news you need as an UHS employee on the go and right at your fingertips! Connections will include news from around the system, Human Resources and benefits information, letters from senior management, pictures, videos and more!

Get the app at or use the QR code below to get connected today!


App login instructions

1. Go to the "Get the App page" at:

2. Depending on the device you are using, select Android, iPhone or web-based.

app login page with logo and login button

3. Open the app and login using your UHS email address and Active Directory password: Your Active Directory password is the same one you use to login to the PC with; also known as Network or Windows password.

app login screen showing box to enter username and password

(NOTE: If you do not have a UHS Email Account, use your First Name and Last name separated by a period then add For example:

4. Once logged in you will see a Privacy Policy that must be agreed to before using the App. Scroll to the bottom of the disclaimer, select the box that you have read and acknowledged the policy, then click OK

app screen shot showing what the privacy policy screen looks like

5. After agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you will see the main screen of the App.

app login home page showing latest updates

If you run into any issues with the App, contact the UHS Service Desk at 607-763-6399.


Q1: I tried to register for the app and the system is not recognizing my credentials. How can I download the app?
A1: The App has a level of security to ensure that only authorized users can access the app. If the system does not recognize your credentials and you are certain that you are entering them correctly, please contact the UHS Service Desk at 607-763-6399 (extension X26399 internally). The Service Desk will need to validate your account and provide you with the
appropriate information to login to the app.

Q2: I have successfully downloaded the UHS Connections App to my iPhone. How can I install it on other devices?
A2: Download the UHS Connections App on any other device by going to: Once the app has been
downloaded, tap “Sign In” and enter your credentials.

Q3: I forgot my password and cannot log onto the app. How can I change my password?
A3: Your credentials are managed by your company’s account administrator. If you forgot your password, you will need to contact the UHS Service Desk at 607-763-6399 (extension X26399 internally).

Q4: How much space does the UHS Connections App take up on my device?
A5: The UHS Connections App takes up about 35 MB of space which is very small in comparison to other apps. For example, games on average take up about 100 MB and social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, can take up as much as 400 MB. As an alternative to downloading the app to your device, you can access the app through a web browser by entering and using the ‘Corporate Login’ button.