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Physical Therapy

Transitional Care

 After getting care for a major illness, injury or surgery at UHS Binghamton General Hospital, prepare to return home by spending one to two weeks in our transitional care unit. We’re Medicare-certified, which means we follow strict guidelines to keep you or your loved one safe and well.

Benefits of Transitional Care

Transitional care may benefit you or a loved one who needs:

  • Skilled nursing and medical observation 24 hours a day
  • Intravenous therapy (IVs) to deliver medication or hydration
  • Tube feeding
  • Daily medication injections
  • Sterile dressing changes
  • Therapy to improve mobility and functioning

Team Approach to Care

Count on well-rounded transitional care from UHS medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists. Your team may include:

  • Physical therapist – Helps you move more easily
  • Occupational therapist – Shows you how to better complete daily tasks
  • Speech-language pathologist – Teaches you skills to improve communication, cognitive abilities and swallowing abilities
  • Respiratory therapist – Helps you breathe more fully
  • Dietitian – Assists you in choosing nutritious, easy-to-eat foods
  • Social worker – Provides education, counseling and connections to community resources
  • Chaplain – Offers spiritual guidance

Homelike Environment

You and your loved ones will feel comfortable in our transitional care unit’s homelike surroundings, which include:

  • Dining and activity area
  • Nutrition center for healthy meals
  • Private conference room for you and your family
  • Cable TV

Visiting Hours

*Due to the dramatic increase in community cases of COVID-19, UHS will be suspending visitation on the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) at UHS Binghamton General Hospital until further notice.   We are taking this step to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff.   This suspension is effective immediately and will be in place until further notice.