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Concussion Management

Concussions are a form of brain injury that occurs as a result of either direct or indirect biomechanical forces imposed on the brain. These injuries often lead to widespread functional disturbances with symptoms that include: headaches, dizziness and balance problems, neck pain, physical fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and emotional and sleep disturbances.

The UHS Concussion Center is a close-knit, interdisciplinary group of providers; all with experience evaluating and treating concussions. We will provide you with the most up to date, evidenced-based care to assist in your recovery

How can we help?

At UHS Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our therapists play a crucial role in the identification and rehabilitation of a concussion. As no two concussions are alike, we will direct your care to address your specific needs, allowing for a fast, full and safe return to all activity.

This may include:

  • Rest and Recovery: After a concussion additional physical and mental rest may be needed. We can help to manage periods of rest and direct when it is appropriate to return to activities such as daily tasks, electronics, school/work, exercise and return to sport.
  • Eliminating Dizziness and Improving balance: We are trained in treating disorders of the vestibular system that are common following a concussion. We will work with you to reduce motion sensitivity and restore functional balance.
  • Treating Headaches and Neck Pain: Headaches are the most common symptom of a concussion. We will help to identify the cause of the headaches and help to eliminate them as well as any neck pain, using techniques such as manual therapy, postural-reeducation and oculomotor exercises.
  • Return to Play: We are qualified to take athletes through a stepwise Return to Play (RTP) Protocol. Completing this protocol is necessary to return to physical education (PE) as well as organized sports, we monitor for symptoms during this process to ensure a full recovery has occurred prior to return to high level activity.
  • Identifying Risks: About 80% of Sports Related Concussions (SRCs) will resolve in 4 weeks. The remaining 20% have some common risk factors that may contribute to this longer recovery. We are able to identify these factors and can make recommendations for reducing risk of future brain and orthopedic injuries.

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