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UHS Sports Medicine services include


Studies have shown that proper conditioning can reduce injuries and make athletes faster and stronger. That's why the UHS Sports Medicine Department has started the Sports Performance Academy. The academy is headed by Chris Knerl MS, ATC, CSCS.

Chris is an exercise physiologist with a background in athletic training. He currently oversees the academy where he provides sports performance training for local athletes. Prior to joining the Sports Medicine staff at UHS, Chris spent 8 years working for United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) as a human performance specialist training and rehabilitating elite military personnel.

"Chris was highly regarded by all athletes and coaches on this year’s diverse Indoor Track team. As a result, all of our athletes directly benefited from the strength and conditioning gains acquired under Chris’s program. This season, times were faster, jumps and throws were farther and injuries were reduced."
~John Heath, Varsity Cross Country and Indoor Track and Field Coach, Owego Free Academy


Our rehabilitation specialists in sports performance are available to screen individual athletes or entire teams to identify predisposition for injury according to Functional Movement Screens and Selective Functional Movement Assessment national standards.

Once identified, the UHS Sports Performance team can put together a conditioning program to address these deficiencies.


UHS Sports Medicine is available to you whenever and wherever you may need us. It is our intention to have a UHS Sports Medicine athletic trainer and physician within reach of all area athletes.

We are constantly expanding this program. If you want coverage for your event, please contact Danielle Donlin at, 607-201-6598.

At the time of injury

Our covering physicians and athletic trainers are available to evaluate and treat athletes at the events they cover. If you're injured at an athletic event without adequate coverage, our UHS Walk-in centers are available seven days a week. A UHS Walk-in will expedite access for our area athletes and will provide quick access to our Sports Medicine providers.

For minor aches and strains, direct access at our area physical therapy clinics is available and can help get you back on the field faster. Our physical therapists are well-trained and communicate with our Sports Medicine providers regularly. Any concerning findings would generate an expedited physician appointment.

What to expect at your UHS Sports Medicine office visit

Once established with your UHS Sports Medicine provider, the full spectrum of services are available at UHS.

UHS Sports Medicine Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is designed to span the gap between completion of physical therapy after injury and return to high level sports competition. Time, financial constraints and insurance company regulation can limit physical therapy to the return of pain free functional strength. This is not enough for return to sport. The Performance staff will work as one unit to systematically guide you through individual or group programs to ensure you attain the physical and mental confidence required to compete at your full potential. At UHS Sports Medicine, your physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer and performance specialist will all work together to coordinate your continued care.

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Mission Statement

Read the UHS Sports Medicine mission statement here.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Lissy is an amazing surgeon. He did a wonderful job on my daughters arm. He is very friendly, informative and kind. I will recommend him to anyone I can. Thank you Dr. Lissy! We appreciate what you did!"

-Mother of a patient

"Dr. Lissy is an amazing doctor and I'm so happy I have him as my orthopedic surgeon."

-Patient of Dr. Lissy

"My experience with Dr. Gallagher's office and staff was very pleasant and thank you for fixing my leg."

-Patient of Dr. Gallagher

"I am extremely happy with Dr. Gallagher. He is a very good surgeon."

-Patient of Dr. Gallagher