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Bridge Program

The UHS Bridge Program is a multifaceted approach to regaining pre-injury wellness. Designed for clients and patients, regardless of injury, who have maximized their benefit from Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care, but are not yet ready to safely participate in high intensity activities. This is a way to bridge the gap and return to the higher demands of occupational, recreational, or performance based activities.

  • Individualized programs customized and progressed based on performance goals, occupational duties or injury restrictions
  • One-on- one and small group instruction by a dedicated Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Direct Communication between Bridge Program and referring Provider (MD/PT/Chiro) ensuring a smooth transition and to maximize effectiveness
  • Staff experienced in the reconditioning of post-surgical orthopedic injuries as well as chronic back/neck pain
  • Baseline movement and functional testing as needed

Goals the of Program

  1. Ensure a safe progression of fitness training for return to work, recreational, and/or sport activities.
  2. Promote total body reconditioning during the return from injury
  3. Give clients the tools and knowledge to enter into an independent strength and conditioning program for lifelong fitness

Patient Benefits

  • An affordable, self-pay program.
  • Flexible hours based on need.
  • Individual/Small group training atmosphere.
  • PT/MD/Chiro  involvement for continuity of care

For questions regarding the Bridge Program, please call (607) 422-6502