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Heart Surgery

Find the best and latest heart surgery treatments from board-certified cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeons at the UHS Heart Institute.

A Leader in Heart Surgery

Get the innovative heart care and treatment you’ve come to expect from UHS, the first to bring open-heart surgery to the Greater Binghamton area in New York.

Your care provider will use advanced digital equipment and the latest treatment methods for your open heart or bypass surgery procedure at our southern New York facility. We make every effort to ensure as safe and as brief of a hospital stay as possible.

Multidisciplinary Team Care

You can trust our knowledgeable and caring professionals to provide the sophisticated open heart surgery you need to get well from our southern New York facility. Benefit from the partnerships we create on our cross-disciplinary teams—which could include your primary care provider and any other specialists you see— that bring you the most holistic and advanced care possible.

Cardiovascular Surgery Procedures & Services at UHS

You may benefit from one of the many cardiovascular, thoracic, and open heart surgery treatments available at UHS in New York.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery

CABG combats blockages associated with heart disease by removing or redirecting a blood vessel from another part of your body and guiding it to the heart to restore blood flow. This procedure traditionally uses a heart-lung machine to circulate your blood while your doctor tends to your heart.

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

Beating heart bypass surgery at our southern New York facility combats blockages the same way as CABG surgery but does so without the use of a heart-lung machine. Instead, your doctor isolates the area of the heart he or she is working on while the other part of your heart continues to pump blood throughout your body.

Surgical Ablation

Surgical ablation treats irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmia) by blocking the irregular impulses from traveling through your heart.

Pre-Op Optimization Class

Your UHS care team will help you best prepare for your valve procedure in a pre-op optimization class. In this class, you will learn tips and techniques to maximize healing after your open heart surgery procedure.

Expert Heart & Vascular Care Close to Home

Find exceptional heart and vascular services throughout the UHS service area in New York’s Southern Tier, including various forms of open heart and bypass surgery. Services and treatments may vary by location. Your doctor will refer you to the location that best suits your care needs.

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