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Heart & Vascular Diagnosis

Find advanced diagnostic tests at UHS to help your physician diagnose your heart or vascular condition in New York, such as cardiac catheterization or an echocardiogram.

Heart & Vascular Diagnostic Procedures

A variety of imaging and diagnostic procedures can help your UHS doctor evaluate your heart’s function and test for certain cardiovascular conditions. These procedures can also help your physician decide on an effective course of treatment once your condition has been determined.

Heart and vascular diagnostic procedures at UHS include:

  • Cardiac catheterization – Checks for a variety of cardiovascular conditions by inserting a thin, flexible tube called a catheter into your blood vessel and up to your heart
  • Computed tomography scan (CT or CAT scan) – Produces multiple images of your heart and merges them in cross-sectional views to better examine your heart’s function
  • Echocardiogram – Shows your heart’s movement and indicates how blood flows between the heart and vessels
  • Resting electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) – Tests for changes in your heart’s electrical activity while you’re at rest to help determine if your heart is beating normally and if it’s safe for you to do an exercise electrocardiogram (stress test)
  • Exercise electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), or stress test – Tests for changes in your heart’s electrical activity while you exercise to help determine if your heart is beating normally
  • Holter and event monitor – A device you wear continuously for 24–48 hours to measure your heart’s activity and rhythm
  • Laboratory blood tests – Evaluate the cholesterol, triglycerides (type of fat) and proteins in your blood to help diagnose heart disease
  • Nuclear heart scan – Evaluates your blood flow, heart muscle and heart pumping ability by injecting into your bloodstream a safe dose of radioactive substance that shows up in an imaging scan
  • Chest X-ray – Produces images of your heart that help guide physicians during testing procedures

24/7 Access to Your Health Information

Get access to your test results and information about your condition and treatment plan 24 hours a day, seven days a week online at MyUHS.

Expert Heart & Vascular Care Close to Home

Find exceptional heart and vascular services throughout the UHS service area in New York’s Southern Tier, including cardiac catheterization and an echocardiogram. Services and treatments may vary by location. Your doctor will refer you to the location that best suits your care needs.

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