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Chest Pain Center

UHS Wilson Medical Center
33-57 Harrison Street
Johnson City, NY 13790

We’re here to help At the Chest Pain Center (CPC) in Johnson City. Our purpose is to evaluate and monitor patients who are experiencing sudden and unexplainable chest pressure and pain, checking for heart attack symptoms. Located on the third floor of the Decker Center at UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City, the Chest Pain Center is a specialized short-stay evaluation area aimed at determining if a patient is having a heart attack.

Being treated at the Chest Pain Center can mean the difference between life and death. Until the establishment of the CPC, patients with a high probability that their chest pain was caused by heart disease had to spend two to three days in the hospital while heart attack was “ruled out.” Now, these same patients can be diagnosed in about eight hours.

Thus, patients at the Johnson City Chest Pain Center who have coronary disease will be triaged to appropriate care immediately, and those whose chest pain is due to non-cardiac causes can be discharged earlier than if they had been admitted to a hospital, and more safely than if they had been released directly from the Emergency Department.

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