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Medical Oncology Treatments 

Get advanced medical oncology treatments—cancer medicine and medical therapies rather than surgery and radiation—from UHS near Binghamton in New York’s Southern Tier. You will work together with your doctor to determine the chemotherapy, hormone therapy or infusion treatments that are right for you.

Medical Oncology at UHS

Benefit from a range of medical therapies for treatment of a variety of cancer conditions.

Services provided by Broome Oncology, LLC.


Chemotherapy uses medication—delivered either via infusion (through a vein) or in pill form—to target and kill cancer cells.

Intraoperative Chemotherapy

Your doctor will use intraoperative chemotherapy during a surgical procedure to target areas where cancer has just been removed.

Post-Operative Chemotherapy

Post-operative chemotherapy helps you prevent cancer from coming back after a surgical procedure to remove it.


Your doctor will give you an intravenous dose of anti-cancer medicine that delivers the chemotherapy directly to a cancerous growth.

Hormone Therapy

Also called an anti-hormone treatment, this hormone therapy keeps cancer cells from using your natural hormones to continue to grow.

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What patients are saying

"I switched to Dr. Yalamanchili after leaving another Oncologist. She listens but tells it straight. Her staff of NP is on top of everything and in constant communication with her. She calls herself with test results and to check on me. She is very knowledgeable but not afraid to admit she is not beyond learning and researching. Excellent!"

"Dr. Harris is a wonderful, compassionate physician. His staff is very professional and courteous."

"I am very pleased with Dr. Readling and his staff!"

"Dr. Haq and all the staff are very friendly, courteous & empathetic, as well as professional."