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Published on July 24, 2018

MASH Campers gain hands-on knowledge 

  • 2018 MASH Camp
  • 2018 MASH Camp
  • 2018 MASH Camp
  • 2018 MASH Camp

Twenty high school students are attending MASH Camp at UHS Wilson July 24 and 25.  They are spending the two days learning hands-on about prospective occupations in the health and medical field.  The camp and the students' experiences have been covered by local TV stations. 

The participants, who are entering ninth and 10th grades, come from a number of area schools.  They visit departments ranging from Respiratory Therapy to the Pharmacy, and from Labor & Delivery to Diagnostic Imaging.  And they don’t just observe – at each location they get to use a piece of medical equipment, work with a clinical mannequin or have some other kind of hands-on learning experience.

One of the most impressive aspects of MASH Camp is the incredible dedication and teaching ability displayed by members of the UHS team who function as guides and presenters to the students.  This year more than 120 employees from across the UHS Wilson campus will serve in that capacity.

MASH stands for the Medical Academy of Science and Health.  The camps are operated by the Cortland-based Central New York Area Health Education Center, in cooperation with institutions around central New York.  The camp experience has been shown to effectively plant seeds of interest and introduce many young persons to future healthcare careers.  MASH Camp has been held at UHS since 2003.

Principal organizers are Candi Contento, RN, and Sue Hogan, RN, nurse educators, on the clinical side, and Chris Samsel, director of Employment at UHS, and Karen Stump, employment assistant, representing Human Resources.

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  • MASH Campers gain hands-on knowledge