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Published on September 09, 2016

UHS Wilson Medical Center Helipad to close temporarily

Effective Sunday, September 11, 2016 at noon, the helipad at UHS Wilson Medical Center will be completely out of service temporarily, for a period of one week, until Sunday, September 18, 2016, at noon.

During this week-long period, UHS Wilson will not have any on-campus capability to land or accept any patients by helicopter.

During this period, emergency medical service agencies should plan to transport patients toUHS Wilson by ground ambulance or, if a helicopter is absolutely necessary, should identifyanother appropriate hospital capable of accepting your patient via medevac helicopter.

This temporary helipad closure is necessary in order to complete final renovations to the parking ramp structure and rooftop at UHS Wilson so that it can open early this fall for staff parking. The rooftop work will include sandblasting, sealing the helipad deck and re-painting the actual temporary helipad landing zone surface.

An "X" will be painted through the UHS Wilson helipad at noon on September 11, 2016.

Medevac missions by helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft necessary to transfer a patient from UHS Wilson or UHS Binghamton General Hospital will be managed per current hospital policies, but the actual flights will take place using Binghamton Regional Airport as the baseof landing operations during this week.

We would appreciate it if you would discuss this with all appropriate staff, post this special announcement and forward this information to involved/concerned individuals.

To contact the UHS Medevac Flight Operations Manager On-Call: Call 607-763-6000 or 607-763-6111 24/7.

Questions should be directed to:

William J. Loller, R.N.,AEMT-Critical Care, CLNCProgram Manager - Emergency Medical Services & Medevac Operations

Desk: 607-763-5100, Office: 763-6311, Mobile 24/7: 607-221-9927. 24/7 Page Operator 607-763-6000

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