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Published on July 14, 2016

'Pokemon Go' not appropriate for UHS campuses

To minimize disruptions and ensure the highest level of safety, privacy and quality care, UHS does not permit the playing of "Pokemon Go" anywhere on its campuses. If members of the public congregate at a UHS location to play the game, they will be asked to leave and our no-trespassing policy will be enforced. UHS Security personnel and area police departments are aware of the situation.

As Pokemon Go increases in popularity, hospitals and other healthcare institutions across the country are asking gamers to not crowd their campuses to hunt the fictional characters. UHS' response to the game is consistent with that of many other hospital systems nationwide. As one healthcare executive in Missouri reported this week: "Unfortunately, we have had a number of co-workers and members of the public using this application while on our campuses, causing our campuses to be 'marked' as popular 'PokeStop' locations. This in turn is causing a disruption in patient care and daily operations."

Released July 6, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality smartphone game that uses a phone's GPS system and camera to allow users to hunt animated cartoon characters in the real world. Pokemon can appear anywhere on a map - at a mall, store, church, cemetery, park, private residence or healthcare facility. When the virtual Pokemon appear, gamers flock to that location. This has raised an issue for many hospitals and other facilities.

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  • 'Pokemon Go' not appropriate for UHS campuses