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Published on March 05, 2015

UHS Home Care's Showroom

UHS Home Care is excited to introduce two new products to their Showroom. Our new Activity Tracker (Bluetooth) and our Frozenpeaz. (Hot/Cold Packs) The Activity tracker counts your steps over a 24hr. period, tracks distance, and calories used. The deivce also stores your information for 7 days. The Tracker is a watch and has alarm functions as well.

FrozenpeazFrozenpeaz delivers flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in the recovery of minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. Our new product improves quality of life. The straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place. The Peaz are non-toxic, reusable, no leaks, and form fitting. Real PEA-PLE love Frozenpeaz. Come get yours today!