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Published on October 19, 2015

This week the UHS adult weight management and wellness seminars to host two nights with the UHS pharmacists! Seating is limited so don't wait...register now.

This week the “Adult Weight Management and Wellness” seminars presents two nights with our pharmacists. Join us one or both nights as we present some very interesting and useful information.

Seating is limited so don’t wait! Registration is required for each individual presentation so register early. Program meets at UHS Stay Healthy Center, located at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City next to Sears. For information please call 763-5092.

October 21 - the topic is Medications and Weight Gain. Our presenter is a UHS pharmacist. There will be a discussion on medications that cause weight gain, alternative medications, and ideas on ways to address weight gain, and questions/concerns to discuss with your provider. There will be an optional group discussion from 7:00 to 7:30 pm.

October 22 -the topic for this -prescription is weight loss medications and herbal supplements. We know you’ve seen them on TV and read about them in articles...have you ever wondered if these medications are truly effective or do you have questions on possible side effects? Our presenter will be a UHS pharmacist. There will be an optional group discussion from 7:00 to 7:30 pm.

Pre-register here or contact the Stay Healthy Center at 607-763-5092.