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Published on May 06, 2015

Screen free week tip: Take control of TV and other screen time

Suggested rules to live by:

  • 2 hours/day or less total time – TV, non-school related computer and video games
  • No TV during meal times
  • No TV during homework
  • No television sets in any bedrooms
  • No eating while watching TV
  • No surfing- watch favorite shows only
  • Limit viewing to specific days/times
  • Set family guidelines for age-appropriate shows
  • Keep books, magazines, and board games easily available

Tips for success:

  • Use technology like DVR to skip through commercials
  • Be a good role- model: Keep a check on your own TV and screen viewing habits…kids will take their cues from you!
  • Endure kids’ complaints: This may be a parent’s biggest challenge. But, stick with it!
  • Help kids deal with boredom: Be prepared to suggest other activities. Overtime, kids will learn to entertain themselves.

Less screen time = more time for creative & active play time = more fun. More learning & better health

Children play creatively to:

  • Have fun
  • Express their fantasies and feelings
  • Gain a sense of competence
  • Make meaning of their experience
  • Hands-on, creative play promotes:
  • Intellectual growth
  • Critical thinking
  • Constructive problem solving skills through opportunities to explore and experiment 
  • Self-control

  • What do you turn your TV off for?
  • What do you turn your TV off for?